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Monday, August 30, 2010

One more week at the Barney’s Warehouse sale to go, ends Labor Day. Yesterday they had a raffle for the staff, they do this on the weekend, and first they pick 15 out of the army of us using match tickets, and I won one, which never happens. Never. And then those 15 get to pull lottery tickets out of a hat, and the prize is usually $5 or $10, but I got, wait for it, $50!!
Took it as a sign that things are finally looking up, I have an interview on Wednesday that seems promising, but then they all do. Fingers crossed?
Still editing, not a quickly as I’d like, but I think I have resolved the sequence problem now. There are 5 more chapters to work on and I am still waiting for a copy of the transcript of my assailant’s parole hearing, which may or may not get included. It’s more a matter of curiosity at the moment; I'd just like to know what he had to say.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haven’t posted for a while, although I am busy revising the chapters for my character. Yesterday I reached the point in the story where I started this blog, and it triggered my interest in it again.
My biggest challenge at the moment is how to integrate my chapters into the sequence structure for Danny, who moves the story along, he finds out about the parole hearing coming up before I do, and I’m not sure if I should find out immediately afterwards or not.
Meantime, I have been working at the Barney’s Warehouse sale, the big Kahuna of designer bargain shopping, and it is grueling. People just do not know how to behave; I am frankly, embarrassed for them.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tough week, hanging in there. Will be working the Barney’s sale at the end of the month. Menswear and accessories, a new direction for me. Have to learn how to knot a necktie, I guess.
Hot hot hot here in Manhattan, spend a lot of time by the river late in the day, after the sun is not so unbearable and there’s always a nice breeze. Yesterday, as I was on my way home, I stopped at the Christopher Street pier and discovered are people doing the tango there on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. Even got asked to danced but I don’t know how. Will go back with my camera soon, and of course, work it into the story.
Have finished revising the Kitty and Danny chapters and put them away for the moment. Am about to dive back into mine, not a happy thought, but has to be done since that is the main focus of the book.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A few days since the last post; been editing Kitty’s chapters and am pretty sure they’re done. Also wrote a third draft of the last one in my voice, it'll close the book, but it’s still a bit short.
Monday I tried to apply for Medicaid, yes it’s that bad, and found out I already it had it from when I got emergency food stamps in April. Still have them too, didn’t know, but that afternoon there was a letter in the mail saying both were being cancelled that very day because of missing paperwork.
Had to scramble to save what I didn’t even know I had, but it seems things with that are okay now. Still no work, but the book is coming along. Stay in the moment, stay in the moment, my new mantra.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still digesting the information about the parole hearing results, and I am moved by the well wishes and concern from your comments. It’s been, as an observer, when I can separate myself from being in the middle of the mess of my life, interesting to see other people react to what has been happening.
At first, I felt rejected or maybe abandoned, when they told me they couldn’t listen to it or started to cry. I’ve only now come to realize it wasn’t about me, but the circumstances.
So now, as I try to pick up my pen and start writing again, I can just give myself a break instead of expecting to hop up and move on. A day or two, then back to work. Perhaps I all I need is to sit in the sun.