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Friday, October 8, 2010

Checking in, very busy, almost frantic, trying to get moved out by November 1st. Have been in this apartment for 30 years, lots of junk to deal with, getting good and dirty, especially in the room I use as a studio. Threw out so much last Sunday, the super in my building told me to stop until the pile, which looked like a yard sale, got taken away by passerbys.
Have also been busy with the legal aspects of the move, signing the lease on the Cape and sending a deposit, seeing the lawyer here and getting those documents in order. Get my first cut of the money from escrow on Tuesday, and then I get to shop.
In the meantime, I have sold some furniture, still too much left, but I’m working on that. Have a whole section in the living room set up so people can rummage through things and hopefully take some home. Even have a selection of art I’m not in love with, and have already torn up a 6” stack of work on paper I never liked. Written a bit, mostly about the process, in my voice and Danny’s, but I need to stay focused on reality now, I can write all I want once I get to the Cape.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Got a little writing done this morning, Danny's new chapter as the story comes to an end. Already have the first draft of my side of it; how I’m about to move, he has his own opinions.
It’s kind of a relief to start writing again, went at least a week what with the chaotic turn things have taken. Most of the living room furniture is sold, some of it is already gone, and I have thirty years of memories and assorted junk to deal with.
Threw out some photos of the man I thought as the love of my life, such bad taste, and today I came across a bunch mail from him tied up in a ribbon. Really. Didn’t even read them. So much stuff, anyone want twenty-three years worth of National Geographic magazines?