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Friday, October 1, 2010

Got a little writing done this morning, Danny's new chapter as the story comes to an end. Already have the first draft of my side of it; how I’m about to move, he has his own opinions.
It’s kind of a relief to start writing again, went at least a week what with the chaotic turn things have taken. Most of the living room furniture is sold, some of it is already gone, and I have thirty years of memories and assorted junk to deal with.
Threw out some photos of the man I thought as the love of my life, such bad taste, and today I came across a bunch mail from him tied up in a ribbon. Really. Didn’t even read them. So much stuff, anyone want twenty-three years worth of National Geographic magazines?


  1. One of my sisters has been sending saved bundles of letters back to the men who sent them to her with some very interesting results!

  2. Considering my taste in men, I think I'll pass on that.