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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back from a quick trip to the Cape, where in two days I found a job that is a ten-minute walk from the cute little apartment that will be mine to move into on October 15th. It is very close to the water, not to mention the library and post office, and I have several friends who live in town.
I know, sounds impossible, it’s the final chapter to the story, although I’m on the fence about whether to write it into the book or not. Much like the part where my assailant is paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair, it’s almost too much.
Next on the agenda is to start packing, which really means eliminating practically everything I have accumulated in thirty years of living in this apartment. Daunting task, but have already sold a few paintings, and somebody was very happy to take half of the heap of clothing that was the result of yesterday’s closet purge. She may or may not give me money the next time I see her, but I’m more interested in someone having things than how much I’ll get for them.


  1. Go, Maureen, Go!!!! What a big change!!!!! And to be able to walk to the ocean (or at least be close enough to smell it)?????????? That sounds like heaven. That should help with the big transition from your current life to the new one. What fabulous news! Wow o'wow. :-)

  2. It is all rolling into place for you...the sun is shining down on you. Keep growing!

  3. big sparkle and a dash of yeow!! good news